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Thread: Unprotected pages/Verify blocks Failure

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    Unprotected pages/Verify blocks Failure

    Hi there!I'm quite new to hacking Wii and kind of anxious as to whether to go ahead with following chapter 2 guide of mauifrog.I have a black Wii v4.3U console 08806d9e and during the BootMii backup,as I was getting my Nand backup,a message "Unprotected Page" and "Verify blocks failure"appeared.Have 6 unprotected pages and 3 verify blocks failure.My question is what does all these mean and is it normal for this console,would these be detrimental to going ahead with chapter 2 of mauifrog's update guide?Need your advice and thanking you in advance,it'll be very well appreciated.

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    format your sd card put the bootmii folder back on it and do a fresh backup. "bad blocks" are normal but not what you describe. try again, maybe with another sd card.

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