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Thread: wiiflow menu

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    wiiflow menu

    When exiting a game, I would like to return to wiiflow menu instead of wii menu. I read some posts here and I am about to install NForwarderWiiflow.dol. My priiloader is v.4 and wii is 4.3u. I read that the NForwarderWiiflow.dol only work with priiloader v.1, has anyone done it with these versions and how did it go ?

    thank much

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    check your wiiflow settings .... there must be an option to select to return to wiiflow menu.... that should fix your menu problem

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    Not that I can see. I followed this post

    There is an option:
    -Exit To Wii Menu: Places a Home icon on the Wiiflow Main Menu.

    but the only options on it now are "On/Off".


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    when you open the wiiflow setting, go to page three , the last option you can select return to wiiflow loader...

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    wiiflow setting page 3 last option is ""Default search mode" has the options of Alphabetic or Pages. Maybe I am not running the same version as you ?

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    okay thats possible... i have an option that shows "return to" then i can select which channel i like for example wiiflow loader

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    yep, so we're back to my original question
    Do you remember how you got the "Return to" option on the wiiflow setting ?

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    good question ... the version i have has this option... sorry.... what version do you run on

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    I am running v1.1

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    Im running v2.1.... Im really sorry that wouldnt help... the v1.1 has not this option i just see a demo on v1.1 ... sorry...

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