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Thread: Got USB Loader and Wii Flow working - now cant connect to router? Help please?!

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    Got USB Loader and Wii Flow working - now cant connect to router? Help please?!

    I followed the soft mod guide, got both wiiflow and usb loader working yesterday to see what they were like and was mostly using USB loader GX. Now I can't connect to the internet.

    It must have worked at the start because it downloaded the covers but today it just stopped. I can't connect to web no matter what I try, Static addresses, DHCP, nothing gets me connected. Why would this just stop working?

    I have reset the connection details but just get the 51330 error when I test the connection. I can search for wireless networks and it sees my router so the wifi card must be working but when I connect I get the same message again.

    Could this be anything to do with the loaders?

    BTW PC, mac and phone all still connect fine
    Any ideas how I can fix this?

    I really need to get back online
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    should have nothing to do with your loaders.
    always shut down your wii to red light (not orange, hold down the power button if needed).
    i've put my wii IP adress in the DMZ (fully exposed to the internet) in the router settings. got the error as well even with mac filtering/allowed everything.

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    Error 51330 means that your security settings entered into the Wii console are not the same as what your wireless router is set to allow.

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