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Thread: Help my wii can't run wii games anymore!

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    Angry Help my wii can't run wii games anymore!

    Help my wii cant run wii games anymore!
    My wii can just play GC games or USB games.
    I have tried a lens cleaner but it dosen't work!
    I didn't update my wii becaus i have blocked updates!
    My wii's firmware is 4.2E
    How to fix it?
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    Sounds like You took the 4.3 update, if so then You'll have to re-softmod Your Wii.

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    he ALREADY told us he has updates BLOCKED (bobby should change his name to dummy!)

    im guessing your dvd lens could be dirty or out and out dead mate

    also ((((but i dont think it this because you have already stated that you play backups from disc in the past)))) you could have the chipset that does not let you load up burned dvds (like mine i load from Harddrive)

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    i myself have this exact same problem, and it menas your your optical laser is dead


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