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Thread: Wasabi dx wont read upgrade v3 dvd

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    Wasabi dx wont read upgrade v3 dvd

    I got Wasabi dx in my wii with 4.1 firmware, and backups are working great!
    I can't currently get into wasabi dx's configure menu via reseting and eject 3 times, the "gamecube cd" doesn't load so I can't start it.
    I haven't updated my wasabi dx after putting it into the wii, and I'm pritty
    sure it has versio 1.2 or 2, as it was over 1 and half year ago.

    Also, I downloaded the wasabi dx upgrade v3 iso, and burned the is with imgburner into 3 different dvd's, sony -r and verbatim -r for example. With different speeds. But when inserting the dvd into the wii, it wont read the dvd, everytime it gives the error, can't read the disk (the white screen with the big question mark). I wonder if there is something that disables these or how can this be happening, as everyother backup dvd's are working just fine.

    My wii is softmodded also, but can run most backups from just the disk channel, like the NSMB but it crashes after sometime, and I read that upgrading to v3, would solve this.

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    Not at near my wii currently, but my sister told me she couldn't run real copy of mario kart from disk channel, she didn't try neogamma, but that's weard.
    Could use some ideas

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    Same problem here, never updated my dx and now I can't update to v3.0. Gives me a black screen telling me to eject the disk an turn the wii off. Also tried different disks.


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