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Thread: usb loader and boot mii problem

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    usb loader and boot mii problem

    looks like the kids deleted the usb loader window in the homebrew channel,
    i searched this,
    it seems you can reload it in the bootmii by pressing home on the wiimote,
    but my wii turns off when i try to open boot mii,
    had 4.3u wii,
    now 4.1,using the 4.3 guide with ssbb.
    still can turn on,and i have my backup,
    does anyone know what steps should i take?or point me to the right spot?
    i just dont want to make a mistake.i am still new to this.
    thank you,

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    Check this link it's for the Cfg loader...
    Cfg Install/forwarder channel

    The Frowarder channels are on that page.

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    very cool,
    back in action,
    thanks for all the help,
    the loader is a little different than what i had,
    works the same,but looks different,
    anyway,big thanks for the help to the new guy,
    kids thank you more,now they dont get a spanking for the deletion,

    now the loader channel works,
    it didnt before,even better,
    now they wont delete anything,i can keep em out of HB channel.
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