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Thread: cant get backup disc to load ?

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    cant get backup disc to load ?

    Hi all
    I have a Wii and i also just got a new Wii for my boy.
    Itís been a while since i soft modded my Wii so i thought as i was about to do my sons i would update mine. I used bootmii on both and all seemed to go will. My original Wii will boot back up discs but the new one wont and i canít work out why. Does anyone have any ideas?
    My original Wii is on 4.2e
    New Wii on 4.0e
    Everything installed ok and i have the nand back up.
    I have noticed that you can now use hdd for games so if i canít fix this i will go down that route id just have to work out how to rip the games on my pc

    Thanks for looking any help will be much appreciated
    Cheers Stacey

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    Newer Wiis cannot play disc backups. Generally, any Wii Manufactured after the middle of 2008 (aprox.) cannot, as "N" changed the drive. If your console is newer then that, or was repaired by "N" after that time, then it will never be able to, and USB is your only option.

    From the peanut gallery, USB loading is easier, as there is no disc swapping, and saves you on discs. Good luck!
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    thanks for letting me know. i now have hdd set up and am adding games to it now if anything its a much better option than discs so no real loss

    thanks for your help


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