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Thread: Wii Remote not syncing in wad manager- Please help

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    Wii Remote not syncing in wad manager- Please help

    I used the following tutorial to upgrade my mod

    I was able to sucessfully complete step4. When I got the step 5 and entered into the priiloader install screen the remote disconnects.
    I could not hit the A or + button to continue and the Wii was frozen in the screen. I couldn't reset or power off. I had to unplug the wii to restart it.

    After I restarted I tried skipping step 5 thinking it was the priiloader that had issues but I had the same problem in step 6. I wasn't able to do anything in the wad manager screen. Wii remote stopped working.

    What could be the issue? How do I fix this?

    Also do I really need priiloader? I have bootmii installed to boot2.

    Please help if you can. I am kind of a newbie. I hacked my wii a long time ago. I had version 3.4U and used twilight hack and downgraded to 3.2U before attempting this tutorial. Never had any previous issues with my softmod

    totally frustrated

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    Yes, Priiloader is VERY important to avoid unwanted updates. There is a link in my signature called 4.1u, that is the Softmod Any Wii guide. Follow that from the beginning, even if you have the items in question. Follow it to the letter, including the upgrade to 4.1, as I do not believe priiloader even works on 3.2. 4.1 is the optimum System Menu, as it was the last update to add any real effects.
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    Boot2 is the best thing to have, but priiloader gives you other alternatives to repairing bricks. Priiloader also prevents any "accidental" updates, which prevents the "my modded wii doesn't work any more" posts.As Summersyn said, Follow the softmod any wii guide and get yourself on System menu4.1. Skip the darkcorp option though.

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    thanks summer and skell for the info about piiloader.
    Just to clarify I already upgraded from 3.2U to 4.1U. What's happening now is that I cannot do anything in the priiloader or wadmanager because the wii remote stops workin therefore I am unable to install anything else.
    The remote works fine in Homebrew and everywhere else

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    I sorted it out after a whole day reading posts. I reformatted my card and loaded wadmanager 1.4 directly from sd card to complete installs. Homebrew apps working fine now and was able to install priiloader last.

    Thanks to this tutorial in section 10 which showed me how to load wads without Homebrew which in turn fixed my homebrew issues!!

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