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Thread: Problems with Rock Band 2 DLC Hack when using uLoader 5.1E NAND Emulation

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    Problems with Rock Band 2 DLC Hack when using uLoader 5.1E NAND Emulation

    Hi everybody!

    I'm playing around with Rock Band 2 DLC Hack for a couple of days now, and could successfully install the sZxP wads on my PAL Wii (running 4.2E) and have my songlist in the Music Store (almost) completely set to purchased. I can download and play DLC with no problems loading the game from uLoader 5.1E using cIOS 223. The only issue is the space, so i can only download one song at a time, copy it to SD and then play again.

    To solve it, i tried to activate NAND Emulation to my USB HDD. The Emulation itself works like a charm (thank you Hermes!), *but* doing this 'breaks' the DLC Hack, and all the songs are again blocked (only Wii Points beside the name). If i set my game back to normal NAND, the Hack works again. Is anyone facing this problem as well? Is there a solution already? I'm googling after it for days now, but could't find anything util. I've read from Hermes that uLoader versions after 3.6 do not support cIOS 249 anymore, and as i see the sZxP wads use it. Is this maybe the issue? Is it possible to hack Rock Band 2 DLC using cIOS 222 or 223?

    Thanks a lot for any direction or tip!

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    We do not support Pirated .wads for hacks.....

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    Thread Closed!!!!

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