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Thread: HELP!! What is my modchip ... Please take a look...

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    Smile HELP!! What is my modchip ... Please take a look...

    Hi guys. I have opened my wii up to find out what mod chip is in it so i can update the firmware as i had it modded last year. Looking at what i have found on the net i have not seen one like this one. Can someone please tell me what it is..

    check these pics out

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    regards and merry xmas to all


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    mind hosting, on or something so we dont got to download anything?

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    could be wiinja, wiinja clone, yaosm, wiifree. most likely its one of free modchips.
    I could only check out the first picture because I exceeded my free user limit after the first one :-/
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    Smile Here are the pics again....

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    my money is on wiininja

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    probaly a yaosm it oook like them
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    that first website was slower than hell at trying to view pictures

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    its a file download site xD thats why

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    Yaosm is open source, so the chips vary in their looks.

    I'm with Admiral on this one, it looks just like a Wiininja. The stampings are identical.

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    yeah the most you can do with that chip is to take it out. buy a d2sun v3 instead. its been working flawlessly for me.
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