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Thread: homebrew browser 0.2.5

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    homebrew browser 0.2.5

    since i know many, people like, and use this app, i thought i should post the update, since im sure it will help a few people

    the change log
    * Changed blue tick to yellow tick so it can be seen easier
    * Made help and controls window larger
    * Free space is now shown at the bottom right of screen
    * Added menu when pressing home, can go into settings, reboot the wii or return to loader. Hold the home button to return to loader at any time.
    * Added settings which allow you to change when the image files are downloaded; either at startup or on-demand. Can enable or disable the free space text.
    * Added update all applications feature. You access this when clicking on the SD card icon. Once you are shown your applications, the SD card icon changes to an update icon which you can click.
    for more info

    download here


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    I like how you can download al, the images at once.

    Also just a note, if you run the old homebrew browser and update through it, you might get an error loading it. Just use the download link above to get it working. It's because of a faulty settings file.
    It took me a while to figure that out.
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