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    Hello everyone.
    I'm not too new here, and i softmod a 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 wii but still i have a lot of questions that i'm solving them after a lot of hours and a lot of searching in and out of that bible site.

    My comment here is that the guides are EXCELLENT from the people that working on them, but (always a but...) most of the people don't know the exactly there are doing. They just do it because the guide say it.... and here is the problem. When you want to update an application you don't know that to do!
    Most of the guides say e.g. update the iosXXX and do this and that..... what is the program to do that? what is wad? what is channel installer? what is forwarder? what is bannerbomb?
    i believe that most of the people that do a softmod don't know that they are doing, hence it is difficult to most of them to make an update or to see the risk of one extra move.

    I'm saying that because i had a situation last night of a 4.1 wii that needs to update all wads and homebrew as well, to install wiimc and some other programs...
    the thing is that i download the homedrew installer with homebrew channel 1.0.8 from the official site and as i know it works through wii management (bannerbomb v.1). Believe it of not i was searching through the net for 3 hours to update the homebrew channel because NONE explane how bannerbomb works!
    I didn't find it and i install priiloader and let the homebrew channel to the update itself through internet. WHen i was trying to install the wiimc i was trying to put the ios58 and again the homebrew....after a lot of hours i find that i need some extra files (private folder) to my sd card.....

    my point here is that i think is missing an introduction to wii introduction to all the issues that you have to face. I say that because i made a million of stupid (for the experiment users) questions and most of the times i didn;t take the answer that i need.

    A guide for starters i think is missing from the site.... i'm offering to help with my little experience to make it true but i need help for some issues that i'm not quite sure how it works.

    Is someone willing to help me do that?

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    All information can be found by searching. If you spend 3 hours and can't find any information then create a topic here at or in the guide you are following.

    Best way to search is to use
    how do i update to 1.0.8
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    I'll agree with you, I've been on here since November and lurk the forums everyday. I am a lot more knowledeable but still am very oblibious to certain things such as exactly how to install one wad (I have installed packs that are just press and go, but when it comes to updating just one wad, I am clueless). What a stubbed wad really means (not just a searchable definition), how to make sure your wii is up to date (I can post a syscheck, but what does it all mean), etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrkazador View Post
    All information can be found by searching. If you spend 3 hours and can't find any information then create a topic here at or in the guide you are following.

    Best way to search is to use
    how do i update to 1.0.8
    It is not so simple i think. For e.g. i want to update a 4.1 wii with homebrew 1.0.3 to 1.0.8 with no Internet connection and with no priiloader. After that i want to put the wiimc channel, hence i have to install homebrew to ios58 and reinstall homebrew channel.
    When I ask the said to me follow softmod any wii guide. As you can see at that guide the homebrew files are at version 1.0.5, hence you can update it to 1.0.8 so you go to homebrew page and you download the installer. What you should do with that files?
    Ok by searching some files and guides you know that you are at bannerbomb v.1. So your first though is to pout the files at sd and go to the management channels to sd card…. But it is not working? Why? Because you have to search deeper and see that to work with bannerbomd you need some extra files that are not including to the homebrew installer to initiate the bannerbomb v.1
    All that mess it will be avoid if you just understand what you are doing and not just following some guides.

    This is just a simple example you see that it is not so easy for a beginner and you need to know some basic staff about that you doing…. That guide is missing my friend.

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    So you want people to write even simpler versions of the guides and add unnecessary info because you didn't research well enough? No offense just trying to understand this thread. Everything could have easily been answered and done in simpler form by doing a little more research on your part and being a little more patient. For example to update The HBC without an internet connection you could have just launched the HackMii installer from The HBC and updated. There was no need to Bannerbomb the system again. It's explained right here on the The Homebrew Channel's F.A.Q.. If you would have researched a little harder you might have found that on your own rather than over complicating things. When you were on looking at the Homebrew Channel page you would have got there by clicking the Website link.
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