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Thread: To upgrade or not, that is the question...

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    To upgrade or not, that is the question...

    Hey people!

    New to the forums. I need some help. I have a few questions for you all. I tried searching for an answer but i didn't find a thread that had an answer to my question. I have chipped wii ntsc-u version. I just backed up NFS-Underground (ntsc-U version) and it has an update attached to it. Do I let the update happen? And is anyone familiar with what type of update it may contain? I think my firmware version installed right now is 3.2U. I don't use HBCs or .WAD Thanks in advance everyone...


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    if you dont care for hbc then you're fine to update, the updates dont effect chipped consoles.
    p.s your backup should be a full backup, not trucha signed or anything as 3.3u and higher blocks the stripped games from working, but the full games work just fine.
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    really, i posted in 9 this week alone, and 3 yesturday

    it has 3.4 with IOS 53, and 55

    if you dont want to ever use out of region, ever use homebrew channel, and dont really care about what features you lose in the future, update

    if not
    go to hte homebrew channel website
    install the ISO
    get a SD card
    install wad manager
    search here for error 002
    install those IOS's
    install Cios 37
    and then play :3

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    wow, that's a nice informative post..nice list of stuff, probably i'll work my way down

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    I don't recommend updating just in case you want to use HBC in the future.

    Instead, use an app called 'starfall' to skip the disk update check.


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