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Thread: Approved Drive Not Working - WDBAAR5000ABK-00

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    Approved Drive Not Working - WDBAAR5000ABK-00

    I have a WDBAAR5000ABK-00 external USB drive. It is on the approved list. It is brand new. USBLoaderGX works fine. It loads up, shows games and the games load when I try to play them. But after a few minutes of play, usually at the end of a level or when loading a new course in Tiger Woods, the screen hangs on black and the wii becomes unresponsive. I have tried new RIPS of the games that dont work. I have had success by putting Tiger Woods on a 8GB Flash Drive. I works fine in that configuation. Please help me find out what is going on here. I'm pulling my hair out trying to fix this. I just spent $70 on this drive. Much Thanks in Advance.

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    have you tried loading through different cios...not sure if it'll work, but it can't hurt to try
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