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Thread: Prestige 13 Black Ops Wii

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    Prestige 13 Black Ops Wii

    I dont know if it was mention before But Prestige 13 Isnt A Lion, Its A Shield And a Lance or Sword. Im Prestige 12(Plane) & Friend was 13 And I Found That Pretty Odd Lol. Any1 Breifly Seen or know what im talking about?

    PS3/XBOX (Order)

    Wii (Order)

    P.S If You Think This Goes To Black Ops Guide Be My Guest and move it, I Just thought it deserved its own thread *Shrugs*

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    This is in the upcoming fixes, will be live whenever approved.

    (List of all fixes in the BLOPS Guide)
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    I wish we could choose our own icon at 15.


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