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Thread: Swiss : The "Swiss Army Knife" of GC software

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    Swiss : The "Swiss Army Knife" of GC software

    Proud to finally announce the software that I've been developing on and off the past few months or so. I've labelled it "Swiss" because it'll hopefully (not initially) boast more features than any other homebrew Gamecube utility out there. It is very losely based on the SD-Boot source but about 90% was re-written

    It will be 100% open sourced and available online (probably googlecode) so you can see changes as I make them and I'll be releasing binary versions with every new feature/improvement.
    Current Features:
    - Load DOL from SD/SDHC/DVD-R/HDD
    - Load GCM/ISO from Original Disc/SD/SDHC/DVD-R/HDD
    - Multi-Game DVD-R support (Cobra/GCOS)
    - Multi-Disc support Original Disc/SD/SDHC/DVD-R/HDD
    - Disc Ripping to SD/SDHC/HDD
    - Region free / Video forcing (480p)
    - Full cheat engine for all games (update it via SD/SDHC/HDD)
    *HDD features require a IDE-EXI or homemade adapter
    **SD features require a SDGecko or homemade adapter

    Definite future features (in order of priority):
    - Memory Card Management
    - USBGecko/SE support
    - IPL/SRAM/DVD-ROM/RAM dumping
    - IPL Configuration

    A beta version will be available in the next two weeks

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    I have to say,I'm impressed!
    I look forward to the release!
    Keep up the good work.

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    Awesome if you still use your GC and own a SDGecko or GC HDD adapter. Pretty much useless for the Wii at this point IMO.
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