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Thread: How to clone or copy my wbfs drive to ext4 hdd?

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    Talking [Solved] How to clone or copy my wbfs drive to ext4 hdd?

    I have my wii games loaded on to a 500GB usb drive formatted wbfs (with a small fat32 partition). As it took me ages to load my retail discs on to the drive, I dread having to repeat the process if the drive fails/becomes corrupted.

    So the question is what options are available to backup the wbfs games on the wbfs partition?

    I have a PC with Ubuntu 10.04 formatted ext4 and a small VirtualBox XP machine that runs WBFS Manager.

    Ideally, I would like to copy the wbfs games to the Ubuntu ext4 hdd.

    Also I have read that USB Loader GX can read ext4. If so, can I format a usb drive ext4 and put the wbfs games on that drive, or would I need to convert the wbfs games back to iso's?

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    IF you have the Computer program WBFS Manager Or Wii Game Manager Theres A Section Or A Button To Copy The Backed Up Games To The Another HDD.

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    Copying WBFS drive

    Thanks for the reply.

    If I use WBFS Manager to copy to either my C drive or my Ubuntu HDD, I get the following message:
    "An error occurred while loading the drive. Make sure the drive is not in use or open and that it has been formatted to WBFS format."

    I do not want to erase either my C drive or my Ubuntu HDD just to copy the wbfs games.

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    If your trying to Copy/Move games to another HDD u do the copy button. (Basicaly Moves/Copies Everything To Other HDD)

    If Your trying to Copy/Move To a Computer you hit extract button. (Puts It As A .ISO And If You Decide To Reinstall the game, Click the .ISO game and will be back on the HDD)

    *WBFS Manger / Wii Game Manager*

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    I use wii backup manager! It's a nice,simple little program!
    Get it HERE.
    Nice little Tut in there as well.

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    Thumbs up [Solved]

    Okay, I am making some progress in that I have found a linux gui tool that will read the wbfs partition of my usb drive: wiithon. See

    However, as with the other tools I have found, the only option is to game-by-game convert the wbfs files back to a 4.4 GB iso's or copy the game to another wbfs partition.

    What I am looking for is either a way to copy the wbfs files to ext4, or a program that will make a complete image of the wbfs partition so that when disaster strikes I can quickly restore the games to the usbhdd.

    Both Wii Game manager (based on wbfs_file) and Wii Backup Manager will extract wbfs files from a wbfs partition and write them to a network drive. I found that WBM was more than twice as fast as WGM.

    Thanks for the replies.
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