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Thread: Ello, From Ohio

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    Us Ello, From Ohio

    I am in NE Ohio near Cleveland. I am formally from Southern New England. Providence, RI (93 since I last lived there) will always be my hometown. I am an IT Professional by trade. Professionally trained and certified.

    I am very well educated. I am looking forward to working with this site and learning what makes Wii's tick. I want to dig deeper than just what is on the surface. I am hoping I have come to the right place! I am labeled a 'white-hat-hacker'.

    A friend of mine showed me his Wii and how it was softmodded and I asked him how I could do mine. So he pointed me in the direction of this website and told me to look up Softmod 4.3.

    I had gotten my Wii in early-mid December 2010. I had attempted to softmod a 4.3u with some success. Because MMM would not load, I thought something went wrong. I cleaned the first one up and returned it.

    I am on my second one now and softmodded her and reformatted my 2TB drive and I was up in action. I recently just started having problems with loading games from USB Loader GX 2.0 just all of a sudden they quit loading and working. I do not have clue as to why just yet. (Found out the USB drive just needed to marked as "Active", so she is working once again).

    I have been using this softmod Wii 4.3u now for going on 3 weeks.

    I am looking forward to working with those who can help me and whom I can help along the way.

    Thank you in advance,
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    First of all we like new members to read the Forum Rules.. Please do your very best to follow them.

    Updating to System Menu 4.3 is an instant Fail!

    We are here to help each other but doing a simple search can be the easiest way to find your answer. Please see this thread on how to make the perfect search.

    Check out the new Hot Topics Forum where you will find the latest and most talked about guides & topics. Look Here

    Guides to get you Soft modded
    Mauifrogs'Mod Any Wii Guide
    Mauifrogs' 4.3 System Menu SoftMod Guide
    ShadowSonics' 4.2 System Menu SoftMod Guide
    Dogeggs' 3.1-4.1 System Menus SoftMod Guide

    Running your Backups from your HDD

    For all Hard Mod Users
    Mod Chip Section
    Sun Driver

    Come join the IRC and participate in Live chat with members and staff
    |IRC Welcome & Rules|
    You can use ChatZilla, mIRC or the NEW Chat button in the menu bar to connect.

    For all you Macintosh users go Here

    Other Useful Links
    Wiihacks Guides: The Author Index
    Softmod Problems & Troubleshooting [GUIDE]
    Hopefully you will never need it --> The Bricked Forum

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    Welcome to the site fellow Ohioan! There's another mod from your neck of the woods here also. I'm 5 mins away from Kings Island. Nice to see someone who knows about forums as well! (noticed your edit.) Welcome!
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