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Thread: 4.3u loader need help

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    4.3u loader need help

    i have a wii with 4.3u my buddy put the homebrew channel on it. but we can't find a loader to work with my hdd i have a wd elements 120gb hd. all i want to do with my wii is copy games to my hd and load play them from it. i have no interest in any other hacks or mods. so my question is what loader works the best with 4.3u i have tried the wiiflow 249, USBLoaderCFG - UCXF - IOS58 v8, Nihonflow_NForwarder58-WFJP, and gx loader.
    any ideas why they won't load they are just go black or say invalid 249.

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    You should first introduce yourself before you post questions: Introduce Yourself

    Did you use a softmod guide from this site?

    My guess is you have the incorrect IOS selected, go into your settings and try out 222, if that doesn't work, try some others like 223, 249 and 250.

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    we used this site. he loaded 2 games on my hard drive with the gx loader but my wii will freeze when i try to use the loader.
    how do u change ur ios i havent a clue

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