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    My name is Matt and my kids are Wii junkies! Seriously, I am 45 and have 2 kids, 4 & 8 years old and they love the Wii to death. Problem is that they scratch disks, so I am looking to softmod my wii so that I can save them to a hard drive and play from there. Considered a hard mod, so that I could copy the disk and let them play a copy, but not sure I want to do that.

    I am a network specialist of 20+ years at a major state university. So, computer skills do not elude me.

    I would love to know how hard it would be for the kids to use a softmod Wii. How hard is it for them to start a game? Does each game get a channel? Please tell me more.

    Thanks Matt

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    One of the best mods I've done. You can block updates and put a channel for the USB loader of your or their choice I've got 2 that are 6 1 that's 11 and 1 14. They loose scratch , destroy everything Even burned one DVD drive out in one of ours. This mod along with the forum is a life saver. Advice read read read reread.

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    Yes soft modding is a joy for the little ones, i have 2, a 3 and 4 yo they use the wii soft modded no problem, all the home brew, games , anything can have a channel be made for it, and most come or can be found predone, you just have to install, as for doing the mod it depends on your firm, hope you have something lower then 4.3, but i fig sence your doing this to a kids wii it will be "up to date". if you have 4.3 i recommend using this guide,
    and then doing this that way your kids don't kill your mod with a new game or an accidental update. other than that read read read as the man before said, feel free to email me or such i could help with info peace
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    Hello and welcome to

    You joined the right site to learn everything about Wii modding and hacking.

    General Warnings: Do not update to 4.3! - Do not listen to youtube hacking tutorials - Do not use Pimp My Wii - Get a NAND backup - Install Priiloader - Use the search function!

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    Your Wii

    Clearly you want to know what is inside your Wii. Track down the Wii's serial No. (sticker on the console's back) and just find it out!

    If you got a DVD drive with one of the newer D3-v2 or D4 chips you won't be able to play any non retail wii or gc game disc (game backup or movie dvd). All black/red and recently bought Wiis will have one of those chips.
    You got one? Go for a softmodding USB loading route.

    Go to your wii settings menu and look in the upper right corner and find out which system menu version you currently got installed on your wii. On that you decide which softmod guide to use and hack your wii.

    Softmod Guides

    To initially softmod your Wii use one of the following softmod guides. Just choose the guide which you understand the most. If you want to start over and want to get rid of a previous installation, just install new things on top of old. There is no need to delete everything or virginizing your wii. Make sure you install Bootmii get a NAND backup. Install Priiloader and block disc and online updates.

    To load your game backups from a USB hard drive follow the:

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