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Thread: Soft Mod from 4.3u to 4.1 issue

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    Soft Mod from 4.3u to 4.1 issue

    I recently modded from 4.3u to 4.1 and everything when great but when u click on the Wii options button, and click on the settings button, the screen goes black and the green light is still on, the screen is still black and then the music stops. Pretty much the machine froze. Anyone else have this type of problem???? Is there anyway to correct it???? Thanks for all your help.

    By the way my name is Brian V. and this site is the greatest i've seen.

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    Ok your article worked thanks alot. can you tell me where i can find a guide to help me with installing Wiiflow so i can backup my games on a external hard drive. thanks for your help.

    Brian V.

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    Here is the Link...
    Wiiflow Install and Settings

    That should help.


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