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Thread: Turcha Restore

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    Turcha Restore

    Hello , first everyone I;ve had my WII working with HB and HBB plus any other apps I wanted . The most important to me was Neogamma backup launcher. My son updated my WII the HB channel was gone. It took a little bit of research but got the channel and browser working again. Can't load Neogamma no version except new 9 beta 8, tried turcha restorer, woun't even load, then tried the Turcha MMM, seems to load and work with the CIOS's it shows me as being installed. Reinstalled IOS36 with the HMM turcha, the only CIOS that shows not installed is 202. Neogamma loads but when try to launch backup, gives DVD int error 1252, the launcher will work fine with original game but not backups. I've tried the Hackmii fix , nothing, them the tourcha mmm fix still same results. I have eveything else working as it should. If I try a differnt gamma loader get black screen. The last time after I ran the MMM fix and started the new gamma 9 it said that I was using version 1 and that version 7 was recommended for better compatability. This is getting really frustrating,, So any help getting this issue resolved will be appreciated

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    Thanks for the info. I have tried the softmod guide for 4.3 and it still doesn't work. I follwed the guide to a T using the indiana patch, yes it fixed the HB and HBB problem, but still can't get Any version of neogamma working the version 9 beta 8 loads thats it. Works with original disks but when trying backup gives the 1252 error. This all worked before the so called accidental upgrade done by my son. Any other suggestions are welcome.


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