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Thread: Help with AC project?

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    Lightbulb Help with AC project?


    I need someone to send me items (I'll send them back if you'd like) at Animal Crossing for a project of mine, which is an online system to send AC items to anyone. I need this so that I can sniff the TCP session and see how it works to make an online PHP app that works with AC.

    Anyone interested?

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    so let me get this stright

    a non hacker
    wants to collect mass ammounts of items, to send to other people via 24 connect, though you yourself have, no actual content, just to send to other lazy people whom could careless, and in turn will probly call us hackers, losers and such....

    sounds very uhhh logical

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    No, I just want to receive an item and sniff the TCP session of that so that I can see how it works, in order for me to write a PHP application to send items.

    Sorry I didn't make that clear enough in the first post, I'll try to make it clearer.


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