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Thread: Black Ops Prestige Problem guys !!

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    Black Ops Prestige Problem guys !!

    Hi all,

    I got Black Ops on its release date and played daily, and a few weeks ago, after a lot of hard work may I add, I was prestige 3, level 33. So only 12 prestiges to go to the golden goose that is prestige 15.

    Then a strange thing happened. On my day off work I went on to have a few quick games, and I played domination on radiation. Ran straight to flag B and got that capped and got the 1st kill, for which it gave me like 100`000 XP points. Got a few more kills, then checked the scoreboard and our team was all like +500`000, and the opposition was -500`000 !

    Got the message that id been promoted, so I came out the lobby to check it as it didnt seem right, and I was prestige 15, level 50, and I have over 2 billion COD points to spend.

    At first I thought wtf, yipee! Saved me loads of hard work, but then I thought its kinds spoiled the game a bit as I now cant earn any XP points. I have everything unlocked, and theres just the challenges left to do!

    Every lobby I go into ,where people have headsets (we dont in our country (uk), I get called allsorts (hacker, cheat etc etc). But I have no way done anything wrong! My player card shows my time played as 9999 days!! I know why people think im a hacker, id think the same. Infact all the people in my lobby that day got 15th prestiged, and when I left it said I was the host and the lobby closed, even though I joined the game after the start. Theres no way im going back to the start as id lose all my hard earned pro-perks etc. I had a met who it happened too another day, and he went up 1 prestige from 3 to 4 or summat like that.

    Questions are these:

    1) What happend? Did someone hack and then leave their hacked lobby open? Or is it an xbox fiend trying to ruin treyarch ? or summat like that ?

    2) Is there a way to hide your combat record ? People either think im fantasticly good and expect too much for the team , which adds huge pressure. Or people check my record, see the 9999days and think im a cheat. Also people keep PMing me and asking how I hacked and can I hack them

    Any advice gents greatly appreciated.



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    1. You joined an XP lobby, you should have left as soon as you realized something wasn't right. I have been invited a few times and DECLINED.

    2. No there isn't. I would start again and forget that profile.....there is nothing you can do other then that.

    People like to ruin the game for others.

    Cheating isn't supported here and all BLOPS threads get closed as we have a guide for it (just a heads up).
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    Cheers Krank. Id no idea and am in no way a cheat or wanting to tell people to cheat. I just wondered what had actually happening. I didnt get invited I just went via the usual route into the game.

    Just youtubed xp lobby, and found this! This is what happened to me. REMOVED

    Please take it down if it isnt appropriate
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    Yes, unfortunate as many people would like to earn the achievements themselves and once this happens there is no way to reset your record.

    Next time that happens power off your Wii (hold power for 5 seconds) and it won't save.

    Edit: Now the thread is closed as you are posting youtube videos about it for some reason.

    Note: I (along with others I know) have reported a few of the exploits used by these people so hopefully they will be addressed in the future. In previous patches they have already started to make it more difficult to hack the game.
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    @BadSanta - Update

    Call Activision support and tell them your problem and give them your Ally Code. They might be able to help you, no guarantees though. Should be obvious but...don't tell them your Wii is modded.
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