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Thread: 2nd hand wii - what chip? An what updates?

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    2nd hand wii - what chip? An what updates?


    I bought a 2nd hand chipped wii. How can I tell what chip it is and what fimware etc.. The chip is on?

    It doesnt have the homebrew channel installed and is on 4.2e. I have downloaded some games and burnt to disc and they work fine BUT when I try to load black ops the disc channel prompts me to update. Is this safe? If not how can I get around it and play black ops and the newer games that need 4.3?

    I wanted a chip rather than softmod becaus I just wanted to put a disc in and play (it's mostly for the kids so I dont really want to mess with loaders etc..)


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    You will still need to do some reading. Most of what you are asking is common knowledge, including the issue of piracy which is addressed in the forum rules.
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    Thanks, maybe I should clarify a couple of things first.

    1. This has nothing to do with with piracy, I have two children under three and have had four games ruined by them, this is why I want to play copies. If I buy a DVD I rip it and put it on the PS3 so the disc is safe and I buy CD's and rip to mp3 for the same reason. The discs just get stored on a shelf upstairs. I didn't think there'd be an issue with that but maybe I'm wrong. I downloaded the games because the wii discs aren't recognised by my imac so as far as I'm aware there's no way for me to copy them. I'm not interested in anything other than being able to play copied discs which is why I don't want to get involved with the softmod thing (plus I'm old and dont understand it)

    2. I've tried searching to find out what mod chip i have but almost all searches just return posts about identifying what dvd chipset, not what modchip.

    3. I have read plenty of posts that come up from my searches but haven't found an post that answers my thread which is why I've posted, and I can't find anything that relates to it in any of the stickies.

    If these answers are here, could you point me in the right direction?


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