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Thread: question about sd card

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    question about sd card

    ok, all the guides say to mod the wii you have to use an sd card (not sdhc) and it has to be 2 gb or less. i followed this when i moded, just cause i was following instructions like a good little boy, but my question is why? my wii can use larger cards and it uses sdhc fine as well....... and my other question is now that my wii has been moded, would it be able to transfer everything from the 2 gig sd card to a 4 or 8 gig sdhc card so i have more room on the dang thing. its about full

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    Well I don't really know the reason for using a ad card less than 2 gb but if they say so then. You should follow orders. It's like hacking a psp essentially. But any way you CAN use a bigger SD card now because your wii is already modded. How do I know? Well I use a 8 gb micro sd card with a micro sd card adapter

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    you need to use a 2gb sd recomended because the bootmii/hackmii is picky

    after you softmoded the wii yes you can transfer everything onto a bigger sd i use a 4gb sdhc card in my wii now
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    Quote Originally Posted by peire View Post
    you need to use a 2gb sd recomended because the bootmii/hackmii is picky
    No you don't. BootMii and HackMii work fine with SDHC cards. I have one SDHC they work with and one they don't work with. They are about as picky as any other program or the Wii itself. I think the guides are usually written like that because the person following the guide might not necessarily be above 4.0 and be able to use SDHC cards. For example when I first softmodded my Wii I was at 3.4 so trying to use an SDCH would have been pointless and impossible. But now that I'm at 4.1 I can use an SDHC card for everything including taking NAND dumps via BootMii.
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    not sure where the thanks button is so untill i figure it out, a thankyou here will have to suffice. this cleared it up for me


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