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Thread: Configurable USB Loader problem

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    Configurable USB Loader problem

    I finally got everything setup to backup my game disks to a usb hdd. I put the wbfs files for each game in their own directory inside the folder "wbfs". The problem is when I start configurable usb loader, at first it says "fat1 not found" press A to select another device. So I press A and my drive shows up and I press A again to select it...then it loads just fine except there is no cover art. My backup games play just fine fom the drive.

    Is there a way to have configurable usb loader go straight to the games list with cover art without having to select my drive everytime? My usb drive is formatted ntfs and the games are wbfs files.

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    I just figured it out. I had to press 1 for settings, then press 1 again for global settings, then save the settings and now it goes straight to the games list. Great. Now I have the cover art on my pc and can it be added to the usb hdd? or dos it have to go on the sd card? What is the path for the covers full and 3d?

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    I just got the covers to work. Amazing programmers, i'm really impressed and thank you for this program. To get the cover art you have to execute CfgLoaderConfigurator.exe from your PC. Then look towards the bottem to the left a little click on "Covers Wiz". You can probably select the covers you want to download, but I chose to clear the list by pressing "Reset Games List", then click "Add games from folder", I plugged in my usb hdd and directed it to the wbfs folder and it listed the games I had. Then click "Download all games' covers". After they download click "Exit", then close the program. I reformatted my SD card and copied everything back to my sd card again. Popped the SD card in the wii, plugged in the usb HDD and started configurable usb Loader. I had to save the settings again so it would go straight to the games list by pressing 1, then 1 again, then save the settings. Now it goes straight to my backup games list complete with covers.

    By the way it's probably easier to run CfgLoaderConfigurator.exe from the SD card while plugged into your PC, then after the covers download there's no need to reformat, just take the SD card out and put it back in the wii. Next time i'll do that when it's time to backup another disc!


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