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Thread: Metroid: Other M Problem

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    Metroid: Other M Problem


    I recently soft modded my wii using Mauifrog's "Softmod ANY wii" guide and everything went fine. My only problem is that when I went to play Metroid: Other M (A store bought disk) it told me I needed to update the system menu. Instead of pressing Okay I turned my Wii off.

    Why did this happen? Does it mean that I didn't activate the priiloader hacks correctly?

    Any help is very much appreciated.
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    You need to install IOS56-v5662 if you don't have it.

    Make sure you save the settings when you enable disc/online updates in priiloader.
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    Thanks. I had the same problem with Mario Galaxy 2. Will this fix that as well?

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    We have guides for both of the games you mentioned. Please read and follow them.

    If you need more help then ask in the guide please... but only after reading them, thread closed.
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