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Thread: Playing Burned Gamecube games on a Softmodded Wii...

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    Lightbulb Playing Burned Gamecube games on a Softmodded Wii...

    using messie's guide

    I have successfully softmodded my wii and it's ran very well for the past year or so. Now i have a GC controller and would like to know what more I need to do for my Wii to play burned GC games.

    Using NeoGamma R8 beta 7, IOS249 (Rev 14)

    I've read i have to have a special GC loader, but then again i have also read that I can boot GC games from NeoGamma. The Disc tries to load and the game ID is being read but of course I get the "green failure screen" and the system reboots. I had a similar problem when I first modded my Wii with burned Wii games and through configuration options was able to fix the problem on Wii games.

    Any Help would be hot. Thanx

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    A quick search would have turned up this guide on the subject.
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