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Thread: Help!!! installed and uninstalled cIOS249[57]-v20 problem

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    Help!!! installed and uninstalled cIOS249[57]-v20 problem

    I was trying to get Call Of Duty Black Ops to run on my 4.2U Wii off my USB HD and was following a guide to install cIOS249[57]-v20.wad to get it to run but after installing it with WAD Manager 1.5 was unable to get any games to load, Wii just froze when I clicked on the games in the USB Loader GX Menu so I tried backing out of things by using WAD Manager to uninstall cIOS249[57]-v20 Now it freezes and the screen goes black as soon as I click on USB Loader GX icon. When I go into Homebrew now I see IOS249 is missing. How do I re-install it and get things working again?

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    The same way you installed it in the first place. Follow the guide. You likely needed to update your USB Loader and that's didn't need to delete anything.
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    Let me make sure I got this right:
    1. No intro post;
    2. You either found the Black Ops guide, or the thread linked in it about cIOS installs;
    3. You failed to make the inquiry within the cIOS install thread and instead created an unnecessary thread;
    4. You installed and then uninstalled it --- now you wonder how that happened?
    5. See #4 for the solution (that'd be a reinstall via wad --- you can use IOS 250 for wad manager to operate off of for this purpose).

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