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Thread: nand backup question

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    nand backup question

    ok to start i have a wii that had system 4.1 on it with a soft mod, one day while i was at work my sister in law updated it to 4.3 not know what she was doing. no problem there so i look up the 4.3 soft mod guide and followed it, made the back up of the nand but never copied it to the computer and formated the sd card to do part 2 of the install

    now my questions are i originally made the back up of the 4.1 nand so if any thing goes wrong and i brick can i use that to restore,
    or can i still make a nand back up, i know it will have the mods installed but i just want to have a back up just in case

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    you can use 4.1 or make many new ones


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