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Thread: Problem with Wiikey 1

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    Exclamation Problem with Wiikey 1

    Hello guys,I have a problem with my wiikey 1.I can't play new released games like Animal Crossing City Folk,Wario Land Shake It and etc...But,i can play the old games.I updated my wiikey to 1.9s and nothing.My filmware is 3.4E and the games i can't play are PAL too.And i don't got homebrew channel...Tell me if you can help.

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    since you have 3.4

    if they have any edits
    brick block
    they wont run, and you should downgrade

    also animal crossing City Folk, has a required update IOS 38, so download and install it with wad manager, but u need 3.2 for that =P so update off the disc

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    To downgrade i need to have homebrew and i cant install it cause i have 3.4 :S

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    u can beta 2 work on 3.4 only

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    well..My Pc doesnt have SD insert.So i need a homebrew disc channel which i downloaded and it didnt worked...

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    they make USB slots for the SD cards
    their like 7 usd, at any store like best buy

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    lol didnt understand anything xD

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    theres a special adapter you can buy, that uses a usb slot, that lets u plug in a SD card, and use them

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    oh in your country it costs a lot and how it is named?But i heard u cant play homebrew channel unless you had it before updating your wii to 3.4.Btw lets joina channel to talk more fast so join SBFAN for more fast please my name is dash and this site for SSBB online tournaments tell me when u can

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    ehhh, ill pass, if u want to add me on a messenger i will, but i dont want to join 10 side things, i hope u understand

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