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Thread: help a newbies who will appreciate it....thank you

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    Red face help a newbies who will appreciate it....thank you

    just paid some one over 200 to put homebrew an wiiflow on my wii(did not know what wiiflow or homebrew was). my niece an nephew and god daughter also want it and i can not spend another 675 to do this for them im laid of . Then after i started checking around other people had all the emulators(nes/n64 an so on) an they did not do this for me wants more money to do.then people were telling me i could have did it all by myself .would like to see if i could get help with that learning how to mod my wii . Started googling homebrew an wiiflow emulators an came across alot of info.been bit confusing ..i have a wii with homebrew an wiiflow on it has a western digital passport 1tb drive .there is no sd card in it . Could any of this help me in transferring games to another harddrive .What should i do? have a 8 gb rocket fish flashdrive . can i use this to put files i need to load up to the wii trying to get use from it just laying around . would rather make donation to site then to the guy who did mine if you some one or the community on here can help me..thank you

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    You probably got a nice reply to your introduction post. It is full of links to get you going. You will need to do some reading. Since you are already softmoded and have a usb hd you may be able to do any other mods through that. You will have to figure out how your hard drive is formatted though. I suggest doing a lot of reading on the things you are interested in doing with your wii, fully understand what your set up is and what else you would like to do with it. Posting a syscheck here will help us understand what you have to work with as well. How to post a system check

    EDIT: I see that you did not get a proper welcome from a mod yet, just Oddgriffin wishing he could have picked your pocket instead of whoever did! Look through those introduction posts and find one that vinatec or narse responded to, they have great links in their replies.
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    If you need help with setting up emulators I'm around and there are two guides that I've written on the subject in my sig. The first covers consoles like N64 and NES and the second covers handhelds like GameBoy and arcade games. I'm almost through with a third part covering PC emulators. You may or may not need an SD depending on what emulators you want to run because not all of them will run on a USB HDD.
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