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Thread: saved settings question

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    saved settings question

    I have been backing up games on a hard drive and now I am in double digits the games seem to be losing there settings. I have set the video to NTSC and saved using 2 button.
    some of the games are not keeping there settings and return to game default.
    does any member have experience with this to help
    also does saved game data need a folder for each game on HDD or just the wbsf file

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    Maybe your config file is corrupt. What usb loader are you using? Game saves are saved to the wii nand, no folder needed.

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    cfg loader and used v60 but changed .dol file with v62 version
    I am new so maybe there was a mistake. how would you fix config file

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    Delete or move these two files, it will erase all your cfg loader settings and profiles so when you start it up again it will be set to default.



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