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Thread: Help wii offical games stopped working!!

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    Help wii offical games stopped working!!

    ok so a week ago some1 accidentally updated my wii to the 4.3u and today i tryed to rehack it with smash stack, it failed but after i came back to the wii menu to try again, ALL MY WII GAMES STOPPED WORKING, idk what's wrong, gamecube games still work 4 some reason but wii games don't even show up it just says "can not read disk" and has a ? symbol like if i put in a dvd or something....can any1 help :\

    update: it turns out that only smash bros won't work so any1 know how to fix that?
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    You are not bricked. It sounds loke you have a drive problem. Look into a cleaning kit and see if that helps.

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