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Thread: anyone wanna buy wii blackscreen issue

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    anyone wanna buy wii blackscreen issue

    i got wii i cant fix it coz i dont know tomuch about nand its got black screen when u press wii menu it goes to black screen i got all cables and wii remote with wii motion some extra stuff i brick my wii when i downgrade from 4.00 to 3.2 i delete ios 60 after that i start getting black screen anyway its good condition never opened before anyone instered im looking for sale coz i dont use wii even if its work

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    how old is it? how much are you looking to get? and where is it located? shipping cost included?

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    i thinks its 2 years old im bought it last cristmas with eveything im looking for 50 pound its got wii wi motion wii remte wii rocket wii baseball wii tennish wii gun charger all cable i got 1 control but its not for gamecube its white control i dont know whats that for lol shipping not inculeded its depends i can sen anywhere but its more charge for the person who wanna buy
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