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Thread: Newly softmodded 4.3u. Need help loading WiiWare WADS

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    Question Newly softmodded 4.3u. Need help loading WiiWare WADS

    Hello, I have a recently modded Wii version 4.3u using mauifrogs recommended guide.
    Everything went well with the softmod except for the fact that I have the New Wii which won't play backup dvds and I need some guidance in playing a Wii Ware WAD from usb (or sd if possible.) World of goo to be exact.
    I have read sinyk's recommended guide about using triiforce but it seems a bit complicated and I am not sure if I have all the correct components. (Correct cIOS version?) Also in sinyk's guide it doesn't list a succesful 4.3u mod...Can I just use wad manager to select it from my sd card and load it up and play or is it more complicated?

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    This forum does not support piracy. If you wish to play wiiware games from the real nand you can download them from the shop channel using wii points. If you wish to play the games you have purchased through the shop channel from an emulated nand then follow the triiforce, mighty channels, or SNEEK guide. You have the required cIOS.

    Thread closed, if you need more help ask in the guide you decide to follow (after reading the forum rules).
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