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Thread: Can't get Rock Band USB instruments to sync

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    Can't get Rock Band USB instruments to sync

    I followed this guide step by step, and it has worked great for months.
    However, I just tried playing Rock Band 2 with it, and it wont recognize any of my instruments. I tried changing the IOS from 250 to 222-mload, and then 223-mload, but those didn't work.

    I then tried this method, although I'm sure that step was unnecessary since the guide I used to hack the Wii should have already included all of that. After I tried installing those, I didn't notice anything new under the "IOS" settings for Configurable USB Loader, it still only showed 222-mload, 223-mload, 222-yan, and 223-yan...there was no standard 222 or 223 IOS. Are there any work arounds?
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    Any help? Can someone at least tell me which IOS I should be using?

    is "222-mload" fine, or do I need a basic "222" IOS?


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