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Thread: Bit.Trip Savegames

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    Bit.Trip Savegames

    Hello all,

    I am trying to play the Bit.Trip wiiware series games through my triiforce wiiware backup player.

    according the the gbatemp wiiware compatibility spread, the Bit.Trip series games:

    "works using usb NAND, but a save file is needed on the usb NAND, otherwise it will not work"

    my question is this: where can I acquire a save game? And when I get it, where do I put it? Thanks!

    Here is my setup:

    -Red Wii 4.3U successfully softmodded via mauifrogs tutorial
    -Running Wii games off USB HDD with the Configurable USB Loader v60
    -Running Wiiware titles off USB via Triiforce MRC SS

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    Is this related to the other thread you JUST started?
    Latest Triiforce MRC?

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    Related but not the same question. Thanks for linking me back to my own thread. I didn't want to compound multiple questions into a single thread. The other thread was wondering where the host site is, where the group congregates, deploys updates, etc.

    Anyway, some of the wiiware titles straight don't work. The Bit.Trip series however do work under certain conditions without updating to the latest software.

    I just would like to know how to acquire a savegame and where to put it.

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    Mighty channels is supposed to create save files for the first four bit.trip games. You can try that or I can upload the save files...

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    Don't upload the save files.

    You can get them by playing your purchased bit trip games that are installed to your NAND right now. That will create a save file, you can then dump your NAND and use that for the emu nand or find a way to get those save files from your real nand to the emulated nand.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    You can also dump the save using BlueDump, and place that savegame folder on your harddrive. You don't have to re-dump your NAND this way.


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