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Thread: RB3/ TBRB DLC memory problem with USB loader?

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    RB3/ TBRB DLC memory problem with USB loader?

    I read in a previous post here that there have been problems with USB loaders and DLC. Specifically, that there can be some sort of memory problem with the Wii. I have noticed that using WiiFlow to load The Beatles: Rock Band and when downloading DLC and saving to SD card that the Wii system memory fills up and I have to delete the game save file and open a new one. I have read that using the retail disk obviously would fix the problem. I have been unable to find any other fix in the forums here or elsewhere and have spent quite some time attempting to do so. I have noticed though people posting about using RB3 DLC with SDHC cards and USB loaders which makes me wonder how they are doing it and why no issues are being reported. So if anyone could please let me know, is there a workaround I am missing? And also, am I correct in assuming there are problems with DLC and USB loaders with Rock Band 3 in addition to The Beatles: Rock Band? Thanks, any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    install 249[56]v20 wad

    that will fix it

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