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Thread: I'm Feelin' GOOOOD

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    I'm Feelin' GOOOOD

    Installed my D2Pro9 v3 last night on my D2E chipset (no epoxy.) Today I did the Twilight Hack and installed Homebrew Channel 1.1. Right now I am downgrading to version 3.2u from 3.4u which I updated before I was aware of the difference and consequences, or subsequent possible future limitations or obstructions of the later version (I read it somewhere .) Since it's 3 am here I might as well stay up and put up DVDx and a bunch of other channels I want as well as all my emulators. I love my Wii so much more now. Magus happy!

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    uhhhh, thats nice

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    Just letting all the newbies know it can be done. It isn't hard. I have zero experience in modding Wiis or hacking them and I got both done in a few cumulative hours. If I can assist a newbie through PMs let me know. I suggest searching for it yourself. It's a good feeling to earn the rewards instead of being given them. But nevertheless they are there for you to attain. I had fun and this site as well as has all the information you will ever need because of the members and moderators who know everything. Thank you all.

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    hehe sounds like a big "IM NOT POSTING ANYMORE WOOOT!" xD, in the end they will do what they want, and its not hard, but it can seem it, when u see the terms "brick brick brick brick brick" then seeing the scrolling text then BAM red line error OH NOES!

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    Yeah, the term brick can be a lil scary and perhaps might shoo a few newbies away but for me I knew if I followed the detailed instructions and did my research I would be fine. Hopefully there will be tons of reasons to keep posting because this is a cool forum with lots of information and good peeps.

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    im looking for people to post new and upcomming games, in the new/upcomming games if u want to do it xD


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