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Thread: Why isn't this game compatible

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    Why isn't this game compatible

    Naruto ex 3, and when will it be, any ideas?

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    compatible with what?

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    with what?

    3.2 + freeloader works
    gecko OS works
    chip works
    they all work xD

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    Why is it not compatible with burning

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doom103 View Post
    Why is it not compatible with burning
    no one had a problem with it

    do you have 3.3+ and did you brick block?
    if so you cant play edited games on 3.3+

    just boot in gecko OS and it will work

    it requires nothing special
    everything can load it

    if u get a real problem its the burn or the ISO

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    I have 3.2 have 2 burned games and there is a list that says it isn't compatible

    Downloaded 4 different iso's

    Thanks you for the speedy response

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    i have ex 3, with 3.2 all IOS's and Cios 37 installed with wasabi 1.4. worked
    freeloader works
    d2pro works
    wiikey works
    wiikey2 works
    gecko OS works
    gamma works

    try installing Cios 37, or IOS 51, or 38, 53, or 55, if none of them do it its 100% your ISO or disc

    *search for them, their posted a million times on here, and i dont feel like searching for them*


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