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Thread: Problems After USB Loader Update

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    Problems After USB Loader Update

    (Black Wii 4.3U Original, Soft Moded with Indiana Jones)(USB Loader using WBFS Manager on a Seagate 500gig)

    My Wii was working perfectly till idiot me updated the USB Loader via it's own updater in settings. Every game worked via backup on WBFS USB Loader since I first modded back in December, Even my Black OPS using ios249 v20 ran perfectly, I was able to switch between iOS on USB Loader, all games were running perfect on 222 and Black ops on 249 Now after USB Loader Update all are at 249 automatically and I get Black Screens on some of them like Lego Batman, New SMB Wii, Lego Indi etc. Tried changing them back to 222 and I don't get the options like I used to on the last USB Loader I had now when I press on it I get the Keyboard to change it so I backspace on 249 and type 222 then save and try to play game with no luck.... How can I erase USB Loader and install older one I have saved on the sd I used when modding together with NAND back up and everything. Or is it possible to start from scratch (Restore Wii )?? I hate getting black screen and having to erase game and back it up again.. What can I do besides throw mi Wii against the wall?? lol!! Thanx y'all for your time!

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    Which modchip are you having trouble with?
    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesnít matter why or how." -- Bushing

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    /me takes a whiff and can smell the fail being telegraphed (hmmm... yeah what hardmod is that anyway?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ithian
    Which modchip are you having trouble with?
    Thank you for replying sir, New to all this, I didn't install a mod chip I softmodded on 4.3U using Indiana Jones Game and a Indiana Save File coppied to the Wii memory.

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    About as I expected. Please take better care where you post in the future, and check the headers to the various sections before doing so.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum: Game Playing issues for some specific backups (hardmods only)
    this section is only for problematic games with a hard mod. that means Not anything to do with softmods. also don't even thinks about posting in this section unless you are using the recommended specific brands and in dvd-r, burning at the proper speeds and KNOW its not your burning process,,which have been covered in other forums here..or you will find youself in the RR or banned
    Thread is closed.
    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesnít matter why or how." -- Bushing


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