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Thread: Help! Burned game runs only in black and white.

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    Help! Burned game runs only in black and white.

    Hi guys, my name is Henry and i'm new to this whole wii softmod thing, but I followed ShadowSonic2's 4.2 guide to softmod my wii and so far it has turned out well.

    Here's my problem:

    The game i'm trying to play right now is Mario Kart Wii.
    I downloaded the iso using a torrent from [Forum Rules]
    I burned the iso using a program called Nero at 2x speed.
    Everytime I load this game with the Neo Gamma backup loader it will load this game running in a terrible resolution (too stretched out at the bottom) and only in black and white

    How can I make it so that resolution turns normal and so that I can play this game in colour?
    Is it the way i'm burning the iso that it's wrong? Or is the iso I downloaded defected? Or is there some configuration that I didn't do before playing the game?
    If you can help me out it would be much appreciated, thanks so much.

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    Piracy is not allowed or condoned at WiiHacks...

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    It might work if you made a copy of a store bought game. Not one you tried to steal off the internet.

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    Indeed. Read the forum rules, use some common sense when posting, and do some research.
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    Downloading games is piracy, however if your store bought backups are running in black and white, SEARCH this forum, this issue has already been addressed. Don't be lazy, use the search function, it is not there to make the page look nice!!

    Also, to the MODERATORS, I did stumble on a thread yesterday where people were offering their favourite torrent sites for downloading games.......perhaps this thread should be removed!!
    Just a thought.
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