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Thread: HELP with mauifrogs 4.3 softmod guide PART 1

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    HELP with mauifrogs 4.3 softmod guide PART 1

    I'm new to the softmodding scene and would appreciate any help at all. I've been reading up on everything and have concluded that the 4.3 softmod guide by MAUIFROG is the best option for me.

    For the records, my Wii is a 4.3U

    I know you need 1 of 3 games in order to complete the soft mod, I plan on buying the Indiana Jones Original Adventures game.

    My first of many questions is, do you need the game after the softmod is complete or would I be able to return it/ sell it?

    Hopefully I can post questions to this thread as I come across different issues.

    Thanks for all the help!

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    You could just rent the game when you are ready to mod your Wii. You only need it the one time (if you do it right)

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    No you do not need the game once you are done.

    And it is best if you ask any questions that you come across in the guide that you choose. It is easier to keep things straight by doing it that way and it saves on forum clutter.

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    alright sounds good, i'll get a 1 month subscription to game fly and give it a try.

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    Before I start the soft mod I have 1 question:

    I haven't gotten around to making a backup yet so i'm using the original game, i'm getting the following message when I insert it:

    In order to use this software, you must perform a wii system update.
    Select OK to begin the update
    Please note that this update will add new channels to the Wii Menu.

    I'm not sure whether to update or not? I currently have V4.3U

    I plan on following mauifrogs guide to softmod my Wii in order to play backed up games in the future.

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    If you are Unmoded and the game is asking you to update then go for it. You have no choice.

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    Will I still be able to softmod in the future if i go through with the update?

    or would it be a better idea to softmod first and then try playing the game?

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    You've asked this same question across two different threads and gotten the same answer from two different staff members. Is a light clicking on yet?


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