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Thread: wiikey fusion firmware (1.4) not accesible through

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    Thumbs up wiikey fusion firmware (1.4) not accesible through

    After installing the wiikey fusion chip in my Wii (d4 drive, 4.3e firmware) i had alot of trouble with sd cards that werent recognized. After reading some of the posts here i got that fixed and it seems to be working allright!

    Now the wiikey fusion chip came with 1.0 firmware and i would like to update it to 1.4.

    Because of some reason my wiikey fusion key isnt valid through the site so i cannot access it from the member section. There are some downloads through google but i rather stick with a validated version.

    Is there anyone with the same problem and a solution or someone who can provide this firmware?


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    i donwloaded my firmware from Wiikey Fusion modpiirin asennus- ja kyttohjeet ja uusin firmware. site is in finnish, but just click this link in there: Wiikey Fusion V1.4 firmware (ISO), and it'll start downloading.

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    Thanks alot!!

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    Then you could click thanks button so every one can see it later.

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    must have been a recent change. it was always a .cn address.


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