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When i buyed 2nd wii, i get 30 original old wii games.
I'm just want to use the usb loader than the CD.
The 30 games that i got is always make a freeze in the middle in games.

Since COD black ops is the most popular for the usb loader compatibity so i want to test it. I'm just want to test my usb loader, since it is not working well.

insert new point in WiiHacks General Rules and Guidelines :

"e) don't post anything if you have a backup CD but don't have the original CD."

So if i'm using a backup and i don't have the original, i can't post in here. It is ok for me.

BUT READ THE WiiHacks General Rules and Guidelines

As long as i know :

I don't asking for any information, assistance, source for, direct provision of pirated materials.

I don't post any link to a piracy games, to a copy nand, other.

I don't asking for cheat codes or something like that.

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