First of all I think i know how to use the search :P I did my homeworks.. search through this forum and google but couldn't find the awnser I was looking for..

I also did some testing on different hardware with no luck.

I can load mario kart from my retail disc no problem.. playing all tracks.. etc..
I tryed to back it up on my harddrive.. The games loads fine but when I come to start the races ( right after track or GP selection ) it goes black screen and I have to shutdown my wii. I tryed in Uloader, CFG loader 62 and GX 2.0 all the same result.

I tough my dump was bad so I redump it..with the same result.. I also tryed to download it off the internet.. and then again.. no luck..

On this forum a user said it got it working on a different hd.. ( I own a WD elements ) I tryed it on 2 others different hdd and still the very same result.. my friends are using wiiflow 2.2..

I know i should post a syscheck wich I'll do as soon as I go back from work! was just wondering if anyones had a quick solution