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Thread: Good RPG Games

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    Good RPG Games

    I'm looking for som good rpg games that are not turn based.

    I all ready know about infamous dragon age origins and little big planet
    Can you tell me about any others

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    You just can't go wrong with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Heavy Rain.
    Two very different RPG stiles, but yet two of the best games I have ever played.

    edit: I was forgetting Mass Effect 2... great one too.
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    Demon's Souls

    Valkyria Chronicles is a good one, but its turn based/rts/fps. Story mode to it though.

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    Yeah demon soul is a very good one, i have always been a turn base style guy and not even ovlibiono nor fallout game so much fun as demon soul this is the game that make me like action rpg games i finished like 6 times got all trophys and i want to keep playing, there is a moded pkg that gives u god mode and unlimited souls but it takes the fun out of the game


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