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Thread: Call of Duty 3

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    Unhappy Call of Duty 3

    Hi, I have been searching for a thread for this game but I cannot find one.
    I am having trouble getting this game to load. I am using CFG 61b9 222 m-load on a 4.1u, and The game gets as far as making a profile and just as you start the campaign it comes up in the bottom corner 'loading' but just freezes like that.
    I have tried using IOS 222,223,224 and 250.
    Any ideas are appreciated.

  2. #2 try this out , and you will find your problem solution
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    Guide Wiiflow installation and settings The Best Loader in my opinion

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    You won't find a solution. Call of Duty 3 is one of the few games that will not work with any USB loader or cIOS combo. You have to play it from disc.
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    Please search before starting a thread next time.

    Damn I suck!!!!


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